41 Safety Residential Home Built for Earthquake Victims

Youth Partnership for Development and Peace Nepal has built 41 safety residential home for earthquake victims with the help and collaboration with Himalayan Climate Initiative as program “National Voluntary Program” in Doramma VDC of Rammechhap District. These houses were provided to the people who were economically suffered, Dalit, Janajati, Conflict victims, single women, marginalized and vulnerable People. Except this up to now, 25 houses in Khimti, 40 houses in Saipu have been built . As a whole 106 safety residential homes are built and provided to the earthquake victims. From the support of YSP and Himalayan Climate Initiative, there people have felt great relief in theirs life. In this program, district coordinator, Jit Bahadur Khadka has played pivot role to contribute. So, YSP Nepal would like to express grateful to him and thanks a lot for all the supporters and people who helped to complete the program effectively.



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