About Us

Youth Partnership for Development and Peace Nepal (YSP-Nepal) is an autonomous, non-religious, non-government and non-for-profit, apolitical organization established for lasting peace and development by empowering, involving and informing the youth in all and every position and level. It believes that the youth are the most vulnerable and valuable resources of the world and better future of the nation. YSP-Nepal is one of the youth-lead organizations which is seriously concerned about peace and development by empowering youth and has been registered with the District Administration Office, Ramechhap and is also affiliated to Social Welfare Council.


Peace and prosperous Nepal


Ensure platform for youth in nation building process.


Informing, involving and empowering youth and thus enhance their capability to lead the nation.


  • To bring youths in mainstream developmental process through youth empowerment and to minimize brain-drain problem.
  • To provide safety-nets to conflict affected people and thus try to heal their problems.
  • To give valuable effort to the social aspect of development such as health, education and operation of micro level hardware project.
  • To raise awareness programmes about HIV/AIDS, STDs, RH, girls trafficking and other contemporary health issues.
  • To provide educational support to orphans, helpless and vulnerable children, and secure their rights.
  • To establish a library/resource center for basic knowledge and produce resource materials, booklets and magazines.
  • To provide open platform for discussions and interactions about contemporary issues for social progress and harmony.