Message from Chairperson

It is with great pleasure and humility that I assume the  presidency of our wonderful organization, Youth Partnership for Development and Peace Nepal (YSP- Nepal). I’m in it because I’m a social worker; it’s where I belong. It’s the place where the people I respect and admire most who do, what I do are recognized and understood in the framework of ‘the what’ we do for development process. It is an autonomous, non-religious, non-government and non-for-profit, non-political organization established for lasting peace and development by empowering, involving and informing the youth in all and every position and level. YSP  aims to effectively engage youths and socially disadvantaged communities in peace building, health, socio- economic and environment development process so that positive changes and sustainable development could be achieved with improved living conditions for youths, poor, vulnerable and marginalized people. In order to achieve its organizational goal, YSP has been working in Education, Good Governance, Rural Development, Empowerment, Environment, Agriculture, Relief distribution, Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Health, Women Empowerment, Human Rights, Peace, Conflict management and Psycho Socio Counseling from funding support from different donor agencies. It has adopted integrated and human right based approach through pro-poor development process, social mobilization, capacity development, advocacy and lobbying by strengthening local institutional capacity, service delivery mechanisms and promoting local technologies to address the youths issues and also provide psycho- Socio council and develop the target area in order to foster sustainable development.

I would add that, I feel that it is, simply, my obligation to the mission of the organization. I have felt this obligation since my introduction to YSP Nepal, I feel that it is my honor and my privilege to do my part, in the service of YSP Nepal.

Thank You !

Himal Mahat

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